Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's Out for Colin

Colin's Last Days as a Fourth Grader!!!!

I cannot believe that I am now officially a parent of a fifth grader! Seems like just yesterday he started pre-school! Time flies!
Since I was already done with school, I was able to spend Thursday on the field trip to the Daniel Boone home and Friday at closing mass, IHOP for breakfast with a bunch of Colin's friends and their moms and then to spend afternoon at Wapelhorst Park! What a great couple of days!

Field Trip to Daniel Boone Home

This is what happens when you give your camera to a bunch of 10 year olds on the bus!!!

Friday at Wapelhorst Park

Colin and His Buddies ~ (notice the same picnic shirts!)

Friday afternoon at the park was great! The boys played water guns, wiffleball and played in the woods while the moms sat and talked and had some snacks and cocktails! As one of my friends put it, "This is great ~ the weather is beautiful, we are enjoying each other's company, having drinks and the boys are no where around us!" I totally agreed...Brendan was running around with the boys at times and at times a big sister of one of Colin's friends was watching him!
Can't get much better than that!

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  1. Awesomeness! Love the last picture! So cute! What I want to know is how Colin is the tallest of his buddies & Aidan is the shortest?!?! ha!